Clone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G MT6580 Firmware

 Clone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G MT6580 Firmware

What is stock Firmware?

Stock ROM is running your android device operating system a body your device this flash file, Suddenly your S20 Ultra 5G is crash with a virus or hanging problem, or boot loop, the logo stays the same, auto restart problem then you need to flash the file to fix your android device. Hard reset hot working and doesn’t enter recovery or any kind of software issue then you need to must install stock firmware to repair your smartphone. 

Why Need Firmware?

The most android device gets hard brick because of the carelessness of their users. Most users try to root their devices to flash them with infected files. As a result, their devices get a hard brick, and then they have to flash files back on their device. But don’t worry, as installing Stock ROM on S20 Ultra 5G It’s very easy and we will guide you through each step of the process. By following this guide, you can restore or unbrick back to the previous working condition.


This Stock ROM works only with S20 Ultra 5G.
Windows xp/7/10 and use the best quality USB Cable.
Back up your device and all personal data.
Download the Latest USB Drivers
Here Download Latest SP Flash Tool
Download the Latest MTK Auth Bypass tool
Note: You can flash only Need Bootloader Unlock

How to install Stock ROM on S20 Ultra 5G

Download Stock ROM and extract it on your PC.
Always recommended your device data first backup on your pc.
Install the Latest Version of USB Drivers on your PC.
Download the Latest Flashing Tool above my post and extract it on your computer.
Open Flash Tool.
then Tap on the loaded packet and select your file.
After loading the file completely now and Connect your device to your computer.
Then click the start button now Wait for the process to complete done

Clone Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G MT6580 Firmware

China Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G MT6580 Firmware

#preloader_hct6580_weg_n_bin #S20Ultra5GMT6580

#G988N_firmware #G9700FXXU1APFO_firmware


Ver. CodeName : REL

Patch Level : MMB29K

Display ID : MMB29K.G9700FXXU1APFO
Ver. Release : 7.0
Sec. Patch : 2020-02-01
Build Time : 1589772385
Product Model : SM-G988N
Product Brand : SAMSUNG
Product Name : hero2qltezc
Product Device : z3q
Product Board : kona
Product Manfct : samsung
Board Platform : mt6580
Product Info : hct6580_weg_n

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